About Us


Proudly mexican company

Since 1961, in the graphic art industry, developing from the begining cardboard boxes that throw the time evolve diversifying our products, from printing labels, to the construction of displays with the highest quality, and complexity.



To transcend to the next generations as a solid enterprise which provides security and satisfaction to its contributors, shareholders, customers and suppliers. Being in constant training and select our personal meticulously; continuously update our resources, techniques and manufacturing technologies to adequate our processes and products to the market demands and expand safely through the republic interior and abroad to become service leaders reaching enterprises that require our services within our capacity and range of volume.


To Assure the effort of our contributors and the resources of the enterprise to reach the results that will guarantee the satisfaction of our costumers, co-workers, partners and suppliers through a meticulous selection of personal, constant training and effective supervision od the resources securing the least possible waste and successfully accomplishing the arrengements with the people who trust COMESA and constantly continue growing adapting to our environment.


CONSORCIO MANUFACTURERO DE ENVASES S.A DE C.V accept the commitment of reach the expectations agreed with our clients, continuously improving our processes, ensuring manufacturing quality products to the highest consumer satisfaction of our partners and suppliers based on the System of Quality governed by the norm ISO 9001 :2015 and complying with the legal and regulatory requirements.